Saturday 7th September 2019

Moseley Oak faced familiar foe in the quarter final of the North Midlands Plate, travelling to Harborne. The day started with a minute’s silence to remember the truly influential club legend, Alan ‘Thommo’ Thomas.

Moseley started their first competitive game this season slowly before a great line break from Willi B enabling Andy Pearce to put the first try away in the corner. Moseley then utilised moves straight from the training ground to allow Jamal Gask-Clarke to have the space needed to leave the Harborne back line for dust and score in the corner making it 10-3. Rory Chatterton, clearly influenced by the return of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ broke the line and danced through the Harborne defence to put one under the posts, which he then converted to put Moseley 17-3 ahead. Harborne did however pull one back taking the score to 17-8 at half time.

Harborne made some strong line breaks throughout the game, including one in which Andy Pearce appeared to be snipered, before David Barton rather amusingly crossed his legs allowing a second row to side step him as the last man before thankfully making the ground back to make the tackle and partially redeem it. This was voted as the DOTD moment by head coach, Dan Lavander. There was a moment of concern for the coaching team, as Prop Mark Henry appeared to be down with a severe head injury, however, he had simply been poked in the eye by a former Oak player.

Moseley made a great lineout steal in the second half that was quickly spread wide allowing Andy Pearce to have his second try of the day and taking the score to 22-8, this was cancelled out 5 minutes later with a Harborne try taking it to a much more uncomfortable 22-15 in a period where Moseley were defending on their own try line for a sustained period.

In the last five minutes, Moseley’s fitness proved valuable with a strong backs move putting Jack McLarney in the corner, and a disrupted pass on the Harborne 9 resulted in Lewis Bilborough fly hacking the ball to allow for another try for Moseley resulting in the final (slightly flattering) score of 34-15.

Overall, a good win but many areas to improve upon before facing Camp Hill in the semi-final fixture

Final Score: Harborne 15 – 34 Moseley Oak

Man of the Match: Willi B

Dick of the Day: David Barton

Try Scorers: Andy Pearce (2), Jamal Gask-Clarke (1), Rory Chatterton (1), Jack McLarney (1), Lewis Bilborough (1)