Saturday 8th December 2018

Moseley Oak 14 - 20 Worcester

This really was a game of two halves with Worcester winning the first half 20-0 and Moseley winning the second half 14-0.

The strong wind and the slope were key factors on a wet and blustery day at Billesley Common.

The greatest difference between the sides was the strength of the Worcester scrummage which was dominant throughout.

Line outs were more evenly balanced but Moseley contrived to lose three in the scoring zone when they were on top in the second half.

Two tries and two penalties to the visitors in the first half with Harry Dawson and Gareth Jones touching down for Moseley in the second half.

Despite coming second in the set piece it is a match that Moseley could have won with many chances to score in the second half.

It was not to be and the relegation battle is very real.