Saturday 9th September 2017

Worcester Wanderers 28 - 11 Moseley Oak

Following a promising away win at Melbourne last week Mosley Oak were brought down to earth with a bump at Worcester against a strong scrummaging and well organised side.

It was clear from the early part of the match that the home team were dominant in the scrummage and an early penalty and lost lineout led to a Worcester try after only 5 minutes.

This was quickly followed by the first of numerous penalties conceded by Moseley at the scrum. 

Moseley began to retain the ball after 10 minutes and good pressure led to an Andrew  Fluker penalty. Soon after, fast ball led to a James Hare break which was supported by a fine running line from Tom Johnson who scored on the far left.

Another penalty at a scrum took Worcester ahead 11-8 before a converted try from a pushover made it 18-8.

Worse was to come from a penalty try conceded after several more scrum penalties. 25-11 at half time.

Moseley knew that playing down the slope with the wind in the second half they needed to score first and they did with a penalty after retaining the ball through phases.

The scrummage improved marginally however, there was no answer from Moseley's young pack of forwards who had an average age of less than 23.

Worcester managed one further penalty and their effective tackling and their ability to slow possession at the breakdown kept them well in the lead at 28-11.

A performance with many lessons for Moseley Oak who have other stern tests ahead.