Coaches Corner

Former Moseley 1st XV Captain John White has continued to do a magnificent job as Head Coach of Moseley Oak during their rise up the league table this season. John is a very distinguished former player for both Moseley and North Midlands and played for Midland Counties (West) when they defeated the All Blacks at The Reddings in 1972.

John has had 2 successful spells as Moseley 1st XV Coach and has also been Head Coach at Birmingham & Solihull as well as Coventry.

Working with John for the 2016-17 season are former Moseley 1st XV players, Neil Mason and Ollie Thomas.


*Exclusive* 2015-16 Season Overview - John White

The success achieved this season has been the product of combined contributions across the whole of Moseley.  Kevin Maggs encouraged the movement of senior Colts to gain adult playing experience.  Mentored by Ollie Thomas and Neil Mason, this has proved to be a huge success both in terms of player development, and of course outright success for the team.  Massive credit should be afforded to Simon Bartlett and Richard Packer who have produced a group of the most talented and exciting young players that the Club has had for many years.  Our job is now to keep them in the Club and hope that in the future they will become part of a successful senior Moseley side.

We number a group of ‘mature’ players in our squad.  They claim to do the close quarter work and all the thinking, whilst the youngsters’ job is to do the running!  Despite the veterans, we still have an average playing age of twenty four!  Getting our older players onto the pitch has been the responsibility of Fiona, (our physio), who performs minor medical miracles on a weekly basis, (our worry is, “can we afford the tape?”).  Keeping these players on the pitch has fallen to Ollie Thomas, our team captain, who has had the unenviable task of preventing Duncan White, Waggie, Homer, Maggie, and Gerry from bombarding the referee with a plethora of advice!  It has to be said that in this task he has failed abysmally, but equally it was probably mission impossible anyway!

Liam Coton is our Team Manager and Touch Judge, he, along with Paul Tongue and Graham Simmons has made life easy for the players and coaches alike.  (The major complaint against Liam is that he is far too honest as a Touch Judge).  With Liam’s help, Jack Richards our Club Captain, has had his administrative duties slightly reduced, he now only makes twenty phone calls on a Friday night instead of about forty.  Our second team under the captaincy of Tom Clark, (Wolfie), have achieved a respectable mid table place in their league, and we will be seeking to improve on that next season.

We have enjoyed the regular support of a group of main club members which has been really appreciated by the team, as a young Club we don’t have many old players or members to shout for us, so their support is all the more welcome.  John Richards, our Chairman has continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes and aside from his own sponsorship, has also provided us with a number of other vital sponsors.  Our principal aim remains to contribute in any way that we can to the benefit of Moseley, and this promotion is a step towards achieving that goal.


Awards for 2015 – 2016


Player of the Year:                                                                  Ben Gerry

Most Improved Player:                                                          Nathan Cyster

Clubman of the Year:                                                             Liam Coton

2nd Team Player of the Year:                                                Dave Bayliss

Five Year Appearance Award:                                              Duncan White